I just wanted to say how much I LOVE OUR WEDDING PICTURES! They look like they could be in a magazine! I can’t wait to show them to all our friends and family – they will be just as blown away as we were. Thank you so much for capturing memories that will last us a lifetime! 

I’m so glad you were our photographer!

Chris & Emily Peters

Love, love, LOVE Eric from Paperwhite Photography!

He was beyond organized and his level of professionalism was so refreshing. The weeks leading up to our wedding day, Eric helped us make a realistic timeline and checklist of photos we’d be able to capture, complete with family names and times. This list was SO helpful on the day of our wedding especially when it came to family photos, which can normally be chaotic. Eric’s enthusiasm throughout our entire wedding day made us feel like every shot he took was the best he’d ever taken. And after all was said and done we can’t help but think our photos WERE the best he’d ever taken! We love the moments he captured and our families are equally thrilled. Eric clearly loves what he does and that came through in every aspect of his photography service.

Scott & Amy Bering

Dearest Eric,

I LOVE THE PHOTOS! and I never use all caps! This has brought back all the wonderful feelings of the day and the life that we are creating together. I feel like you captured the relationship that I have with my girls and the experience that we had putting this wedding together. You also captured the blending of our families and the amount of love that we have and how that is growing by this union. The pictures told our story! You also captured the fun of the event, the details that we put into making is very special. I’m sure everyone tells you this, but you really did a great job and getting this kind of praise from me, as you might imagine by the level of pre-worry that went into it, is really a remarkable acommplishment on your part. I am very grateful for your work. Honestly I would recommend you again without a bit of hesitation! In addition, your presence also set a tone of fun and ease and that made it even that much better. I feel bonded with you because we shared this very intimate experience and you were so lovely through out.

I just want to thank you and tell you that your good spirit through all of it is deeply, gratefuly appreciated by me. THANK YOU! I really do honestly send my warmest and deepest wishes for good for you in your life and thank you for the love and humor that you also brought to this experience.

P.S. You can share this with Chris as well and let him know that we appreciated his work as well!

Anne & Mitch Howard



Thank you so much for doing such a great job! You have such a great personality and are so much fun to work with! On our wedding day you were amazingly perfect. You were everything we could have asked for in a photographer. You made us laugh a lot, and that’s what we wanted. With our wedding photography I had high expectations and you definitely exceeded my expectations.

Thank you Eric for making our wedding day even more special!

Tim & Brittany Gundersen

Dear Eric,

I’m so truly blessed that you and Chris were able to capture all of the details of our wedding. I showed the DVD that you made to my mom yesterday and she was totally bawling. I cried too the first time I saw it. You’re amazing and you’re “in the family now”. I’m going to hire you to take shots of Jose and I when I’m pregnant, then our first baby, then our second, then family pics, etc. Love your work and I love your professionalism.

Blessings to you always, friendLots of love!

Jose & Sandy Rosales

OMG Eric!

You made our special day sooo much fun!! You were so relaxing to work with and kept David and I laughing throughout all the pictures. You are SUPER creative and professional. I’m so grateful that I found you and got to share our big day with you. I’m in LOVE with my photos !!! You really did an amazing job all my pictures are perfect. I love each one, both color and black and white. I can’t thank you enough and I can’t wait to use you again. I 100% recommend you!!!

Thank you Eric!

David & Dawn Flores

Hi Eric,

We loved the pictures and stayed up late last night looking at them!  And we thought the slide show was amazing – what a great surprise! We were so happy and thrilled with how everything turned out. Here’s a recommendation for you! Eric was terrific – he was organizedprofessional, friendly, and put everyone at ease while keeping things moving. He had a great eye for setting up shots and we were extremely pleased with all of the photos he took. It was reassuring to have him there on the day.

We highly recommended you!

Thomas & Courtney Rogerson

I was in a wedding Paperwhite photographed. Eric was amazing! He was cracking jokes and making everyone feel really comfortable. The photos for my friend’s wedding were gorgeous! Eric made everyone look ridiculously good looking.

Then I chose Paperwhite to photograph my wedding. I would have to say this was the best decision I made in wedding planning (other than picking the right husband). First Eric was extremely professional. He wore business attire for our first meeting (and at the wedding). He showed us an entire wedding he had recently shot to show us what we should expect. He explained the contract to us. He made us feel comfortable we were choosing the right photographer.

On my wedding day, Eric and his assistant photographer were early to scope out the surroundings. The church where we were married was strict on time limits for photos. Eric was extremely organized and got all of our family portraits done in 30 minutes and no one felt rushed. It was impressive. Afterwards we took more intimate husband wife photos around the area of our church.

When we got to the reception, Eric and his assistant almost seemed to disappear into the walls, but they managed to capture every moment. The best part are the photos afterwards. Eric put together a slideshow with our photos. I love it more than my wedding video. The pictures are just beautiful. Everyone who sees them comments on how gorgeous they are.

Thanks Eric!

Oliver & Melody Osuna

Paperwhite Photography, led by Eric Slay, took care of everything for me and my bride. From the engagement shoot to the wedding day itself, Eric was prompt, courteous, and extremely professional in how he met our needs. Eric inspired us to feel comfortable while enjoying the moment throughout our entire experience. Best of all, the photographs captured every moment with beauty and precision. My bride and I could not have been happier with Eric service and attention to detail.


Tom & Joan Barrera

Thank you so much Eric!

I love the pictures more than you could possibly know. Its sort of pathetic how much I enjoy looking at us. You are so talented and truly captured our day 10 times better than I could have imagined! I love the password to the website by the way!  We are going to the river this weekend, so I will have a thermosa in your honor!!

Thank you again for all that you did for us. You truly are an amazing talent and we were so blessed to have gotten to work with you!!

P.S. I’ve watched the slideshow about a million times and now know what you mean about that song. I can’t get it out of my head!! Haha… I absolutely love it. I honestly cannot thank you enough for all of the hard work you did. Thank you for creating a truly unforgettable day for us and perfectly documenting it on top of it all! You are such a talent.

Anyway, truly, thank you for everything!

Graham & Christi Fergusson

Wow Eric!

The photos are unbelievable! Thank you so much for everything Jeff and I absolutely love the photos! I started crying watching the slideshow last night. You captured moments that I had forgotten about and some I didn’t even remember. You and Chris were amazing to work with and so patient with us. Thank you, thank you, a million thank yous!

Jeff & Shannon Johnson

Dear Eric,

Thank you for capturing the best of our wedding memories. It was the perfect day and we were so happy to be able to work with you. You are a true professional. We hope at least you got some laughs out of those goofball groomsmen. Thank you,

Whitney & Scott Ayers

Eric was absolutely amazing!! We couldn’t be more happy with our wedding photos and the whole experience we had with him. Eric is so professional and is definitely a photographer you can trust. We used him for our engagement photos and loved them so much that we used him for our wedding.

Cameron & Katherine Dahl

Eric was an absolute pleasure to work with. I believe that you have to connect with your photographer in order to have a good experience and get good photos. Eric is very personable, easy to work with, and fun! He made us all laugh and had a good time with me, my family, and my guests. Eric is very professional; he knows the rules well (for example I was married in a Catholic Church) and is very respectful. He will stay out of the way and not intrude and still get the great shots. I communicated with Eric mostly through email and he was always responsive to my emails. He listened to what I wanted and made sure to get all the shots I had asked for and then some. Eric is open to feedback and flexible in order to make sure the bride and groom get what they pay for. Eric is very dedicated and passionate about his work. I have no regrets about hiring Eric as our photographer and would work with him again without a doubt. Oh and his assistant Chris is just as great!

Rafael & Nicole Gutierrez

Everyone in the wedding party loved working with you! He is super friendly and very helpful! He was always up for anything I put in front of him and really did an amazing job!

Tim & Heather Crossland

Hi Eric-

We received the wedding pictures and are just thrilled with how great they turned out! We loved the slideshow with music featuring some of our favorite people. Thank you so much for all that you did. We are so blessed to have great friends with tremendous talents.

Have a fantastic summer and we hope to catch up with you soon.

Chuck & Shannon Copeland

Hi Eric,

We LOVED the wedding pics…thanks so much for all your hard work…you really captured the essence and spirit of our wedding. Hope you are doing well…summer’s almost here! Cheers!

Darren & Emily Schecter

Eric and Paperwhite Photography have far exceeded our expectations for our wedding photos. He is professional and at the same time made us feel comfortable and relaxed the entire time. We were looking for someone who wouldn’t be dressed in all black wearing a fanny pack with lenses and flashes falling out and blocking everyone’s view (if you’ve been to a wedding lately you know the type). Eric was the exact opposite. We didn’t see him during the ceremony yet he still managed to get amazing shots! He delivered the photos on time and they all look great! Our friends always comment on how good they look. We couldn’t be more pleased with Paperwhite!

Danny & Katie Houghson


I got the pictures, and I have been looking at them all day! They are so amazing. I didn’t expect so many, I didn’t know what to do with myself! They are more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. Thank you so much for all that you have done!

Thank you!

Matt & Stephanie Gutierrez


Brian and I got our photos and they are absolutely perfect! I love each and every one of them and I am so glad that we will have them to look at back and remember. You are truly amazing! Thank you thank you thank you! Let me know when you get back and we can plan for the next shoot!

Brian & Gillian Collier

Working with Eric & Paperwhite Photography was a fantastic experience. My wife and I aren’t especially comfortable in front of the camera, but they made it easy & fun…and the pictures were amazing! We’d definitely recommend them for any special occasion!

Scott &  Julie Cohen

My Husband, James, and I were married at the Long Beach Museum of Art in Long Beach, CA. Before meeting Eric Slay, we had already interviewed three other candidates. At first sight of Eric’s work, we knew hands down that Eric Slay and Paperwhite Photography was our #1 choice! We were absolutely blown away by his artistic talent and eye for the most creative shots. On our big day, Paperwhite Photography’s team was on time, professional, and made sure we got all of the shots we previously talked about. Every bride wants to feel relaxed and beautiful on her wedding day. Eric and his team brought out the best in all of the Wedding Party! Having the photos taken was never a tedious task, but full of happiness, excitement and laughter. Our friends and family are so impressed how our wedding photos turned out. We highly recommend Paperwhite Photography for your special day!

James & Janelle Barrera

 Eric was absolutely the perfect choice for our wedding! He did our engagement and wedding photos. Each time we met with him, he was creative, energetic, positive and did not stop until he had captured every perfect moment! We had over 1200 pictures at the end of our wedding and each one of them was flawless! I will recommend Paperwhite Photography to everyone!

Lisa & Brian Fuchs

Dear Eric,

I have officially seen the slide show over 20 times now!!! It was perfect and it captures the day just as I had imagined.   What a gift you have and thank you for sharing it with us on that special day….. Many blessings and I will talk to you soon!!!

With Love,

Patrick & Katrina Munoz

 I was so impressed with Paperwhite Photography and their professionalism. I had a surprise wedding and had quite a few specific requests that needed to be followed in order to pull off the surprise, but still wanted to capture the moments when our friends and family figured out what was going on. Eric was an amazing photographer and put me at ease so that he could capture the tender moments of me as a bride. His suggestions and settings were breathtaking. He is a truly gifted photographer who has the vision of what make beautiful photographs. When I recieved my proofs, (much quicker than expected) I was blown away at how many photos there were and how amazing they looked! I was shocked at how he captured everyone and every moment including those between my husband and me and without ever looking too posed! I can’t rave about them enough! Thank you Paperwhite Photography for making my dream day last a lifetime.

Jennifer Altieri


We love them!!!  And the slideshow, what an awesome surprise!  We thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to send copies to the family. Thank you so much for photographing our wedding!  It was a perfect day and now we have awesome pictures to cherish that day in our memories, so awesome!  We are really pleased.  Thanks again!!! Blessings.

Rebekah & Clayton

Eric was fantastic to work with and I would recommend him to any bride-to-be! He was so organized, professional and FUN to work with from the planning of everything to the actual day. It was amazing how he was able to capture all of the special moments that you want to remember forever. I could have not asked for anything more in a photographer and I know if you work with Eric you will be extremely pleased!

Andy & Michelle Cerna

Paperwhite Photography photographed our wedding and the results were more than outstanding. With two photographers we were handed a plethora of formal and candid shots that have provided an awesome wedding album. Everything we asked for was done with personality and professionalism.

The Saponaras


There are not enough words that could properly describe my experience with Paperwhite Photography. I felt completely at ease from the first meeting with Eric. He gave us a run through of his previous work and explained to us why he loves weddings. He went in depth about his eagerness to capture the moments and “tell the story.” You could see that this was truly a passion, which was important to me because I didn’t want to hire someone that was merely there to point, click and leave. Paperwhite provided absolute professionalism, but in a way that was still incredibly fun and energetic. My husband and I both felt completely at ease, which allowed us the freedom to be 100% ourselves on our day. With Paperwhite, we not only got a photographer, but we walked away with a friend.

I think the best part overall about Paperwhite Photography was the service. We received pictures that captured our day more beautifully than I even remember. Things go by so fast and you don’t always get a chance to see everyone or notice each little detail, but looking at my photos, I am immediately taken back to each moment and brought to tears (happy tears of course!). Eric captured our story perfectly and we will always be eternally grateful!


Dear Eric Slay- Paul and I cannot thank you enough for the great job that you did at our wedding.  Your preparation for our wedding was so appreciated, as was your ability to be flexible to all of our wishes. You were so organized and on schedule you really were the glue that held it all together for us. Thank you again for exceeding both of our expectations and truly making such a memory of our event.

Paul and I both stated that through all of the chaos and hectic ness that happens at weddings, you truly were our best friend that day.

I highly recommend Eric and his partner for all occasions.  I am a professional event planner and know how valuable professionalism, flexibility and organization are when it comes to events, and Eric and his partner well exceeded all of my needs that day.  What sets Eric apart from other photographers is his attention he gave to us and our event.  Having someone really listen to you, remember all of your requests and make it happen is such a commodity and so comforting at events where you have one day to make memories to last lifetimes. Thank you again Eric!! God Bless,

Paul & Casey Dubbs

Hi! Eric! Thanks for the pictures!  They look gorgeous!  I didn’t expect to get them so quickly either.  You’re so efficient! Things have been so crazy after the wedding that I haven’t gotten a chance to thank you yet.  A lot of my guests/friends are also very impressed by your professionalism, your attention to details, and your sense of humor.  Exact quote from my friend who just had her wedding in France: “Your photographer is SO GOOOOD!”

Jenny Ng

ERIC!! Thank you SO much for the pictures! We love them! We actually didn’t share them with friends & family right away because we wanted to enjoy them for ourselves. You guys did such a great job capturing the whole day; the excitement, anticipation, nerves, and all the love! It was fun getting to see the “getting ready” pictures of Forrest and the guys since I didn’t get to see them. Also, thank you so much for the slideshow. It’s an awesome summary of the entire day. We LOVE it!

Karin Duncan

Eric, Wow. We just looked through the photos (twice!) and we are so happy. The quality, artistry and story telling is amazing. Thank you so much for the great slide show, too. The step-by-step instructions made us laugh and good thing we followed them because the photos looked so good on our TV. We can’t wait to share them with our friends and family. We really appreciate you getting the photos to us so quickly, too. Thanks again, Eric! Cheers!

Katie & Bryan

Eric, Words can’t express how much you helped make our wedding a success. From the pictures, to your personalities, to your oganization and time management – it was all PERFECT! The pictures are beautiful – our loved ones give us many compliments. Thank you so much!

Brynn & Charlie Saponara

Hi Eric, We absolutely LOVED the pictures!  We spent hours over the weekend looking at them, and the DVD was such a wonderful surprise– We loved the song and you did an incredible job.  My parents were so thrilled also–Thank you so much for all of your work! You’re amazing!

Gina & Nick

Eric Yay!  I am so excited!!!  We are so happy that you and Chris were the ones to do our wedding.  Everyone has been talking about how great you guys were and how much fun they had with you.  You really made us feel comfortable and helped us to enjoy every minute.   Okay…so after 30 seconds of watching the DVD I had to stop and get Kleenex!  This is amazing! I love the holder for the CD’s!!!!!   You really made my day magical!

Phil & Lara Hruska

I just got my wedding pictures. They are absolutely GORGEOUS and AMAZING! Thank you so much Chris and Eric!!!!!! You guys ROCK! AMAZING!!!  Thank you for being so fabulous and capturing the spirit of our special day!!  Have a wonderful vacation!

Beth Carroll

Dear Eric, Thank you, Thank you! The pictures are wonderful. We have enjoyed the DVD more than you can imagine. It makes me smile every time. Thank you for taking the time to make me a copy. What a wonderful surprise. IT was such a special day and your pictures captured that. WE HAVE DECIDED THAT YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Thank you again.

Max & Margaret Cohen

My husband and I got married in June of 2009 and used Paperwhite Photography to capture every moment of our day. Words cannot describe how amazing the pictures came out. The professionalism was great, but it was the ease and style that they used throughout the day that really proved to me how happy I was to have them as my photographers. To laugh as much as we did was just what a bride wants on her special day. I would recommend Paperwhite to anyone for their wedding!!

Eric from Paperwhite Photography made me feel at ease about my wedding photos. The pictures were amazing and truly captured who my husband and I are. We don’t like traditional wedding photos and Eric understood that and produced exactly what we hope for. It was an amazing day and the last thing I worried about were my pictures. I have heard countless horror stories about wedding photographers but Eric was a dream and I knew I was in good hands from the second I met him. I did a lot of research on pricing as well and found Paperwhite to be at the low end! Eric is very easy to work with and most importantly the end result is a ton of beautiful pictures!!!

Paperwhite Photography was vital in making our wedding day a success. Eric and his team were GREAT to work with! They really knew how to get genuine smiles and laughs from everybody in our wedding party which resulted in awesome pictures. They take creative photos that utilize the surrounding environment and really capture the vibe of the wedding festivities on film. They are extremely talented photographers who my husband and I HIGHLY recommend.

Eric Slay is a wonderful wonderful photographer. I cannot emphasize enough the beauty of his pictures, the ease to work with him, his personable nature, and his value. It was a great experience to use him as our wedding photographer. Eric was more than willing to accomodate what we wanted. We had a mixture of formal and “fun” pictures and it was great because he scouted out the area before our wedding and provided ideas for fun pictures. Our friends have commented that our wedding photographs look like they belong in modern wedding magazines.

Eric is very easy to work with and helps to accomodate with whatever you need. The thing I also appreciated was that you never felt like he was in the way. I’ve been to weddings where the photographers are literally standing up on stage taking pictures and blocking your friends and family from seeing the big moments. Eric never got in the way really let the whole event unravel by itself. Our wedding was one of the most fun days of our life and I’m thankful that Eric took such great pictures that we have wonderful memories to relive whenever we see them. Thank you again to Eric, he is a joy to work with. I highly highly recommend his services.

I cannot say enough about Eric’s skill as a photographer. He really knows how to capture the moment and his vision far surpassed my expectations. He is truly an artist who captured the emotion of the day. Not only is he a master photographer but his charismatic personality puts a smile on everyone’s face. He was able to make everyone laugh at the perfect moment and captured it on film. Everyone that enters my home is immediately drawn to the gorgeous photos. I am in awe of his talent and forever grateful for my pictures…

Hi Eric,

It was great to see you again.  I will continue to refer all of my friends getting married in the LA area to you.  I still get compliments on the wedding photos I posted on Facebook almost a year later, that says a lot!  And whenever I need my spirits lifted I take a look at our wedding photos. Thank you so much for doing a beautiful job at capturing our magical day. Have a wonderful summer! Take care,

Alexandra Emmons

Dear Eric, I want to thank you for being our photographer on our wedding day. I loved working with you. Your warmth and sense of humor was really fun and it made it all just that much better! I will recommend you in the future without hesitation. Thanks so much for all your time, telephone talks, coaching and laughter. You were also great with Mitchell too! Much love,

Anne Coscarelli